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Non‐Test Related / Services Fees – 2023/24

The following fees may apply to all data generated:


I. Report Revision Fees ‐‐ $25.00.
This fee applies to client‐requested revisions to reports, including changes to report formats, additional analyses requiring a re‐log of samples, etc.

II. Job Cancellation Fee ‐‐ $25.00 up to the cost of the analysis.
The fee varies based on the time of cancellation. If a job is canceled immediately, the minimum fee will be applied. A commensurate fee will be assessed if the job is canceled after analysis has been initiated.

III. Weekend / Holiday Fees ‐‐ Fee increased from $50.00 to $100.00 for 2024.
Weekend / Holiday fees are applied to samples received on Fridays or the day before a holiday, requiring an analyst to open the lab and come in on days the lab is closed.

IV. Soil VOC’s / TPH‐GRO Sample Prep ‐‐ $7.50 per sample.
Fee applicable to samples to be analyzed for VOC’s or TPH‐GRO in soil received in ziplocks, soil jars, etc. that require transferring to “Terra Core” kits. Samples should be collected in Terra Core kits in the field. These kits are provided to clients upon request.

V. Minimum Invoice Fee ‐‐ $25.00
It has been determined that samples cannot be logged in, analyzed, reviewed, reported, and invoiced for less than this amount.

VI. Specialty Matrix Sample Prep ‐ $10.00 per sample minimum
Samples requiring extensive sample preparation outside of normal scope are subject to this fee. Examples are samples requiring crushing, maceration, or physically cutting samples to reduce size to perform analysis.

Updated 11.30.2023.