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Whether it is Coliform bacteria testing of well water, mold testing after water damage, or asbestos and Lead testing prior to renovation, for nearly 20 years, home and commercial property owners have turned to Access Analytical to pinpoint the source of their environmental problems.  Access Analytical’s certified, experienced analysts have been helping property owners keep their homes and families safe and sound since 1997.  Access Analytical is state certified by SCDHEC for the analysis of Coliform bacteria in drinking water.

Because Access Analytical’s business is limited to only laboratory testing you can be confident our assessment will be accurate and unbiased, we are not affiliated with any other outside companies. Routine drinking water testing ensures our clients of sound water quality and also satisfies lender requirements for property purchases or refinancing (USDA, VA, FHA type loans).  

Typical tests performed on well / drinking waters samples are:

  • Total and Fecal Coliform (e. coli) Bacteria
  • Nitrate / Nitrite
  • Total Lead
  • Hexavalent Chromium or “Chrome 6”
  • Many other drinking water contaminants can also be analyzed for such as VOC’s, Pesticides, Herbicides, Explosives (RDX), Radiologicals, etc..  These analysis are site dependent, please contact our office to discuss any specialized testing needs that you may have associated with your property. 
  • Access Analytical also tests pool and spa waters for the presence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  Pseudomonas is a microbe that can cause a variety of illnesses ranging from ear infections to skin rashes and upper respiratory problems. 

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